Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Blog Update: Re-Animation Protocols...

It's been quiet here for far too long...

Just a quick message regarding the lack of posts for the last 6 months.

Right, its been half a year since the last post on this blog, this is in part due to two of the group moving away. As you can imagine, i've been getting in a lot less games recently, finding less and less time for the hobby.

However, this blog is not dead yet... posting should resume shortly if albeit at a reduced rate. Now, as it stands, i know there arent that many people followiing this bllog and there arent that many page views, but i have enabled comments for everyone now, why its not default i will never know, but it means you can comment on posts and give suggestions and feedback. After all, although this blog is 7 months old, we were only 'live' for a month, so to get back into the swing of thisng will be brilliant.

Responses to feedback:

(Going to keep this short as i am typing this post in a short period of free time)

It seemed like the majority of feedback I was getting was to paint everything, and this i am glad to report is nearly complete, shouldnt be too long now. Since writing this, we have all started fantasy games now too..... great.... and thus the black grey legion marches once more.

Another aspect we needed to improve was our photos, and quite frankly i couldn't agree more, the camera we usid initially was poor and we didn't put much thought into the images themselves. Well, hopefully i have a solution, i've bought a DSLR camera, which should be more than good enough.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, and please give any more suggestions or requests in the comments section below.

Thanks, Zarak.

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  1. Waiting For your Next Post...Hoping it will coming Soon....

    1. I have posted since... but that reminds me... I need to find the battle report.