Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Necron Rumours: What they mean...

So with necrons definitely round the corner I thought about how this was going to effect their play style, from the changes in base sizes to the entirely reformatted force organisation. And whilst this is still based mostly of rumours, the necrons we know and love (or hate depending on which side of the table you are on) are evolving nevertheless...

You can expect some light math hammer.

New base sizes:

Now 32mm bases, like the blood angels.

With the necron overlord moving to a 40mm base and the warriors and immortals moving to 32mm bases, the necrons will now have one of the largest footprints in the game, with no model now remaining on the old 25mm base. This means that warriors have a base area of 8cm2 rather than 5cm2, this is a 60% increase, while the overlord moves to a 12.5cm2  this time a whopping 150% increase. This means that you can only deploy 62.5% of the models you once could in any given space. This said, the 500cmarea you can deploy from the monoliths dimensional corridor should still be more than sufficient for even a 20 man unit of warriors.

Changes to gauss:

Do you like chance, are you lucky? The new gauss range has something for you...

If some of the rumours about the changes to gauss are true, take extra salt here, then they have changed from the reliable all rounder to the jack of all trades, but the master of none. Will a rumoured double strength hits for rolls of 6, the humble gauss blaster may have changed beyond recognition, but still has most of the punch as before. Becoming more anti infantry than before, the gauss weapon could be ruthlessly efficient when attacking high toughness units such as monstrous creatures. 

In practice:

Against non vehicle models, every shot from the gauss flayer is now 5.6% more effective against all toughness values. Gauss blasters could be up to s10, and so would be a potential monster hunter, causing hits with instant death on monsters with t5 such as daemon princes.

Against tanks, there is a slightly different story... No longer auto glancing on 6s, this is where things start to fall apart for the gauss flayer in particular. You will no longer be able to reliably be able to glance land raiders to death, or even smaller tanks for that matter. Against a land raider, gauss flayers are only 17% as effective as before, now having to roll an additional 6 just to glance. Against light tanks, things are a little better, with the ability to now score penetrating hits. Now, this will still not kill a vehicle as fast, as you can only explode open topped vehicles on a 6, but it will offer the chance to get those effects that glances never had. You can now destroy weapons, stun, and immobilise tanks, which could have a huge impact on the way you play your legions.

Once again, these are all still rumours, so this could be nothing...

If you have any questions, or have something to share, comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks, Zarak.

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  1. Zarak,

    Remember that the base rules don't require you to use the new bases. You can move to them, or stick with the older style. I think it mainly just gives us more modeling opportunities, more then anything else!

    I've always felt the lords needed 40mm bases. They are quite a bit more epic then their warrior brethern.

    1. Of course, however, if the models are supplied with the 32mm bases, I doubt I would change the bases, wouldn't be worth the hassle in my opinion. If I had an existing necron army (with more than the 24 warriors i currently own) then it most certainly would be worth the effort.

      The thing I am most interested in the bases, is how they will be effected by blasts, and I am yet to work out whether they are better or worse.

    2. And yeah, I'm so glad the lords will come with the 40mm base.

    3. I think someone did a study on the 32 vs 25mm. It was very similar in terms of hits from blasts/templates. Found it!

      (If you are interested). I am just happy I will be able to fit models on the base now :).