Saturday, 22 March 2014

Big Guns and Heavy Tanks...

A Little Extra Firepower Never Hurts...Unless You're Against It.

The release of the Imperial Knight has finally given me a non-Baneblade chassis unit which can contend against super-heavies.

With the release of Escalation a while back, my Space Wolves and Tau were perhaps left a little behind in the arms race. Well, let's just say I got tired of hammering that Baneblade with dozens of lascannon shots in an attempt to destroy it BEFORE it tore through my army.

I've already got an awesome conversion idea for the Imperial Knight, which I have dubbed 'Ragnarok' (Seeing as Ragnarok is the Viking Apocalypse, which I thought was an appropriate name considering that it will be allied to my Wolves). I'll post pics of it once its built.

Thanks, Thomas.

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hammerhead and Riptide...

As promised, images of my Hammerhead and my Riptide. I've also thrown in some of my Wolf lord too(apologies for lopsided nature of the images, I'll learn for next time!).

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thomas' Introduction

Hi guys, Thomas here. So a little introduction from me. I'm currently playing Space Wolves and Tau Empire, though I started off playing Tyranids (Battle of Macragge FTW!).

Matts Introduction.

Hello fellow players, Matt here (Macker).

When I played Orks, I loved Ghazghkull and how much of a beast he was, so I formed my version of him, Overlord Macker, as I'm very character driven and love to sing and dance about them and how they killed yours or should they die, how they escaped death and managed to survive that demolisher cannon. I would always give him an elite retinue of ork Nobs with a souped up Battlewagon.
(You must always write ork in front of that, for risk of dishonouring your family).

Sams Introduction.

Sam speaking (Golden Nips)! As one of the 'Allies of Convenience', I guess I should take a little time to introduce my self.