Matt's back, and he's been busy...

Hi guys, Matt here…

It’s been a long time since I posted! So since my last post, 6 months ago, I've bought a lot of warhammer and played a lot of games. However, this is but a ‘short’ update, with a brief description of everything I have in the works at the minute...

As the proud owner of a small, slowly growing chaos planetary defence force (my current 40k army), I purchased the new imperial armour 13 “Lost and Damned” and let me tell you it's fantastic! Not only because it's the chaos players bible, but because without it, renegade miltia and friends would have fallen into that category of awesome models with unplayable rules (a nod to The Siege of Vraks). The limited edition one I own even better, and I will have to put a review on the blog soon, because,  trust me if you collect chaos you will want this book.

I love the renegade models and think this is where I would reside in the 40k universe as a human. I mean…. I’m not an evil person, just not going to be part of a horrible dictatorship that claims to be for mankind. And yes chaos is about following the strongest and killing the weak, but at least there open about it… I digress…  So while my force is purely an army of looks and fluff, it still packs a punch and might just win a game once in a while! I’m currently building a hydra, painting the rest, and aim to add a malcador defender soon after Christmas. May the Chaos gods bless you, but not add too many limbs!

For my traitor marines, a short update again; they now have 40 plague zombies accompanying them (converted zombies crossed with imperial guard to stop a repeat of models in the army) and 10 forgeworld death guard with and rhino needing to be built as well.

My orks on the other hand, haven’t been so lucky! Still gathering dust, with no new greenskins, the cupboard is their home. So instead of giving you a picture of a box with dust on it, I thought I would show you big mek Mattazar (And yes I have a character representing myself in each army, as well as family and friends, wait till I show you Zarak and Thomas!), he’s the maddest most mekky ork around and replaced Overlord Macker as my orky leader (You will see why he had to go in the post about Character stories later). He rides in his own skullhammer battle fortress (using Big Bertha the bane blade until I make one). This allows me to  get one over on my opponents, a cheeky 4+ invulnerable save on 9 hull points anyone? This should give me something to stand up to other lords of war…

Now for the big news I’ve started Warhammer Fantasy!

We have all decide that we would give it a go, all of us for different and numerous reasons which we will discuss soon, as I think many of the points will apply to many of us players.  So which army did I pick? Well after much internal debate I chose empire! I’m a big fan of the people’s army being personalised, like my orks, they will all be converted or changed somehow. I decided if I was going to do empire, by sigmar, I would do it different!

Now the main reason I collect warhammer is the models, their beautiful, beautiful things. Therefore I thought, “You know what? What else could be 'counts as' empire?” Why not eastlings.... so, this was to be a mercenaries force then I started adding other cool lord of the ring models, why not hardims or khandish warriors? And thus my mercenary company was born. I love forgeworld (you may have guessed that already) so I looked online and found some rather cool mercs there too. So this was now a done deal, I was really excited to start playing dogs of war in disguise ahem… Empire. I hadn’t been this excited since when I first started warhammer 40k!

Now starts the tale of Red Steel and Golden Hawkes Mercenary Groups adventures!

As you can read, 40k is on the back burner for me at the moment, so expect fantasy posts more than anything else from me for now on!

Thanks, Matt.

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  1. Play the orks! The waaaagh callllsss yooooou!

    1. I will try to get a few batreps up soon, cant guarantee anything, but hopefully matt will use the orks. I may try to do some small 1.5k lords of war games, with me, Matt and Thomas. Its just an excuse to have a 'rematch' after the first batrep we did here. Would probably end up being 3 batreps, posted on succesive days, etc.


    2. Deal, the Mighty Greg has swayed me into waaghing with you Jonny! Lets the battle commence! (At a suitably arranged date for both parties I might add!)

    3. You better get the duster out then... Greenskins don't have the tendency to clean themselves at the best of times...

      Good luck... for this is the calm before the storm, and all shall be consumed in its wake.

  2. You'll have to let us know how the Chaos pdf go. I run Iron Warriors with Traitor Auxillia. Been curious how the rules for the Traitor Guard in 13 play.


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