Dropzone Commander and WIP bloodletter...

Super quick post...

Another short post today including some thoughts on dropzone commander, the shaltari, and I talk about some early WIP bloodletters...

After playing my first few games of dropzone commander I have to say I have fallen in love with the game. I think I will play shaltari, but the thought of facing scourge almost every game scares me somewhat. As shaltari I really don't want to be outmanoeuvred and out gunned, and the scourge really seems to bring that to the game, from my little experience kiting scourge on a city board is situational at best, and this means I lose all advantages. What tips do you have for playing against the scourge?

With the shaltari a bold colourful palette is the norm, with the tribes viewing camouflage as dishonourable (or something like that anyway). They prefer to let the enemy know what's about to hit them. While I love this fluff it does limit my options somewhat, if I am limited to a bold design what colours should I use? Keeping the cockpit area black (as per the fluff) limits the palette further, ruling out purples and more. 

So, I put the question out there, what colour palette would you use or would like to see on a shaltari army, as I'm fresh out of ideas.

Moving on from the dropzone commander, my bloodletters have been long unpainted and I am finally getting on top of them, however, once again I can't decide on a colour scheme. Are you noticing a theme here? The images above are of my my first test piece, with a pretty unimaginative paint job. There is a little bit of hard edging and quite a lot of washes for a model of this size. 

I will continue to paint more possible colour schemes, and if you could leave your opinions I would love top hear them. Be gentle, that was the first model I have painted in nearly 10 years...

As usual, if you have any questions or simply an opinion, comment in the section below, and I will take time to read and answer them.

Thanks, Zarak.

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  1. Blood letter looks great! I don't know anything about dropzone, but I do like the daemon :).

    1. Thanks man, the next bloodletter is interesting to say the least, should be getting that up tonight or tomorrow. (once again WIP).


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