Forgeworld, Dropzone Commander, and an Unlucky Imperial Pilot.

So it's been a while since I last did anything, been overloaded with work, strapped for cash, and my computer is having a mid life crisis. Sounds a bout right, sigh. I've had to put back the schedule for the necrons vs chaos space marines campaign, so we will have our first game a month from now instead. 

Now, the juicy stuff...

I finally got round to building An'ggrath (forgeworld greater daemon of Khorne), well nearly at least. After losing some of his facial horns and having to entirely reshape the join between his legs and his torso, I could have been described as frustrated to say the least. I haven't attached the wings yet, as I will paint the majority before that sub-assembly.

With the rumours of a GW 30k game being released I started a small (expensive but small) side project, Heresy era emperors children. So far I only have Fulgrim and a Contemptor bearing the mark of the 3rd legion, however, should the rumours be true, this could prove to be a good investment.

After broadening my horizons with the expansion to fantasy, I finally decided to branch out into other game systems, namely dropzone commander, I've only bought the starter set for now (and a firedrake as one of my side projects), hopefully me and Matt will be getting into the game. However, the prospect of learning a new rules set terrifies me, as I am still learning 40k after 10 years playing chaos. To say i am exited for this game is a massive understatement, i love everything hawk wargames is doing right now, and i can see myself getting into this game in a bug way. If any of you have any comments I would love to hear them, would you like to see more DZC?

I also made the first steps of constructing a downed Valkyrie, using a Valkyrie I bought when the model was released in plastic a few years back... So after gathering dust, I finally built up the courage to build it, and more importantly destroy it.... 

Talking of old projects, I also found a few of my old chaos marine models. Back when chaos space marines were re-released nearly 10 years ago, I stockpiled metal terminators, possessed and spawn. So building them only now, has boosted my dwindled traitor ranks. They will most likely join my war band of word bearers.

Which of these projects would you like to see more of?

As usual if you have anything to say post it in the comments section below, I try to reply to every comment.

Thanks, Zarak.

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  1. Want to seeeeeeee the photos of the greater daemon!!!!!

    1. camera is being a little sketchy, i don't know how great the images will be

  2. Will try to get that done tonight then, don't expect much ;)


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